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Toff's Peanutty Bones

Welcome to Toff's Treat Bakery

About Us


We are a family run, online dog treat bakery located in Hutton, Essex. Having been frustrated and a little alarmed at the ingredients used in some mass produced treats we started to bake our own natural treats using quality human grade ingredients. We refused to use any additives and preservatives and added no sugar or salt. Our treats quickly proved to be very well received by our own dog, Toffee, and friend’s dogs and this led us to start Toff’s Treat Bakery. In order to give customers confidence in the product we applied for and gained DEFRA approval, with our treats being rigorously tested in an independent laboratory and meeting their exacting standards. We are also Trading Standards registered. We have a range of treats some of which are baked using Gram flour, making them gluten and grain free. We bake in a variety of flavours and sizes, from the smaller bagged treats, ideal as a training reward to the larger biscuits and cakes.

  • Natural home-baked treats using human grade ingredients

  • No additives or preservatives

  • No added salt or sugar

  • Grain-free treats available

  • DEFRA Approval Number 13/012/8113 ABP/PTF

  • Feed Hygiene Registration Number GB 108 R 1514

  • Trading Standards registered

Some of our gorgeous customers
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